When Hallow's Eve

draws close once more,

And Terror rides the wind,

The Ravenfells shall waken,

To stalk their lands again.

Not just a Yard Haunt

There is more to the manor than just the props and lighting. There is a history of lore and fantastical stories behind it all. Find free bits of lore in the Ravenfell Archives (Right link), or delve deep into the darkness with Ravenfell Chronicles: Origins.

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An experience
in dark enchantment

The darkness rises each year, but the manor only returns to the mortal realm for a short time.

      Operating Hours

Once season viewing days begin...

Lights on for streetside viewing Dusk til 11pm.
Every day.
(Weather Permitting)

Check our Facebook for the start of viewing season, special walk thru availability, and closures due to weather.

Check Calendar for our scheduled walk thru days and season's events. 


Ravenfell Manor

715 W. Alice St.

Kouts, IN


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Discover the Lore

Ravenfell     Archives

Explore the Ravenfells' dark history with the
Ravenfell Chronicles- Origins series.

Buy the complete collection as Ebook or Print.

Or buy the individual Ebooks Stories.

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