Ravenfell Manor Yard Haunt

When I was a child I always loved the scary Halloween house down the block. I swore when I had a house of my own I would be that house and so much more. So, when I moved into my first home with a yard and Halloween season approached at last, Ravenfell Manor was born. With the help of my fellow partner in crime, Carl, we have brought Ravenfell Manor to life with growing wonder and increasingly frightening delight every year since 2011. 


Ravenfell Manor is a majority DIY yard haunt creation of Carl Pyles (Left) and Brandon Johnston (Right), located in the quaint town of Kouts, Indiana. Each year we transform our yard into a fantasy Halloween world based on characters and creatures created within the stories of the Ravenfell family. We pride ourselves as a memorable holiday trick or treat experience for both children and adults in our community and the surrounding areas. We also aim to provide a location worth a drive by peek throughout the entire month of Oct. as the manor grounds slowly transform.

And to top off our seasonal ambitions, we have teamed up with Haunts Against Hunger to run our annual Food drive for the local Food pantry to give back to our community.